Social Wishlist Sharing

Product concept for a social wishlist app

Compiling Christmas Lists

A year or two ago I found myself compiling a Christmas gift list that I could send to my parents because they like to get a head start on shopping for their grandchildren. This task basically consisted of my kids writing their own lists on paper, me finding their gift online (through Amazon, or some other retailer), curating the list, and sending emails with the items, links, and clothing sizes to my parents.

Rabbit Holes

At some point during this process, I went down a bit of a rabbit hole thinking about a more general way of sharing wishlist items with others, discovering new products, and a mechanism for price comparison or shopping.

Over the holiday break, I decided to use this idea to familiize myself with Sketch and have a little fun designing something outside of my daily work domain.

Feeds, Lists, Sharing, & Shopping

  • A feed displaying items from friends or subscribed lists facilitate discovery
  • Users can create their own lists, share them with others, or keep them private
  • Product ratings and price comparisons could be aggregated on the item detail
wishy concept image
wishy concept image

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