• I’m an experienced design professional with a diverse skillset from across the UX spectrum from user research to design systems and UI engineering.
  • Broad experience in Product Design and UX - I’ve worked in design for 15+ years in a variety of industries including edtech, life sciences, consulting and healthcare spaces across global markets.
  • Prior experience working with development tools, APIs, and services. I have a solid understanding of moderm application architectures and processes.
  • Previously led teams and other managers in addition to working in various individual contributor roles.
  • Seeking design leadership roles with an emphasis in product design, design systems, strategy, and building cross functional relationships to align on a shared vision.

Work Experience

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A designer at heart, I have a BFA in graphic design and spent my early career working as a web designer during the dot com boom of the late 90s and early 2000s where I mastered using tables for layout, the magical 1-pixel spacer gif, and flash intros. I later moved to a visual design, then a UX design position working in the education technology space. Thanks to a great mentor and customer-focused organization, I was able to learn a tremendous amount about user-centered design methods by working closely with educators to truly understand user needs. I later progressed to product management and strategy roles where I helped visualize & test product concepts for the new mobile device market.

In 2013 I moved from the edtech space to ecommerce, taking a UX design position with a leading life-science company working on a $1B+ ecommerce channel. As part of an effort to modernize the ecommerce platform, I led a group of designers and front-end developers in a multi-year project to move from a monolithic system architecture to an open source, service-oriented architecture with a modern front end stack and future-friendly design. In my 6 years there, I learned a great deal about the life-science industry, ecommerce, modern system architecture, and managing teams (among other things).

In 2019 I was hired by 1904labs as a Human-Centered Design lead, where I helped IT leaders implement modern software and data solutions. Here I co-lead project teams with an Agile Engineer and play the role of servant-leader working to ensure we build the right solutions for our customers and stakeholders. As a consultant, I worked primarily on Healthcare / Insurance and Agriculture Technology projects working on user research and discovery to align stakeholders and cross functional teams using a HCDAgile process.

Whie I enjoyed my time at 1904labs, IT consulting was not where I wanted to stay. I missed working in-house on products, so in 2021, I accepted a Staff Product Design position at Thermo Fisher Scientific where I work on software to help manage workflows and interpret results of PCR tests (e.g., Covid-19). In this role, I'm also helping migrate the Genetic Sciences division design system from Sketch to Figma.


Outside of work I can be found doing dad and husband stuff or occasionally playing golf or fishing. Best part of the day is listening to an Audible book while walking the dog.

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