Hi, I'm Matthew Rea, an experienced UX Design & Product Development professional living and working in St. Louis.

I work with users to understand how to improve existing products and services or find market opportunities for new ones. I help companies visualize and test concepts with a focus on web application and mobile design solutions.

Comfortable gathering requirements, documenting specifications, working with product owners, stakeholders, engineers, and quality assurance. Interested in assisting companies and startups with roadmap and concept visualization through research, design, and prototyping. Experience leading people, teams, and projects from concept through implementation.

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Mobile design sketches
Product Concepts
Interactive Digital Textbook
Desktop Application Design
TI-Navigator Classroom Network
Web Application Design
Charley Harper ripoff
Mobile Web Application
UI Design, Product Management
Mobile Commerce
Information Architecture
Site Architecture
Identity Design
Global Cloud Ltd.
Mobile Commerce Prototype
Front End Development
Product Concept
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Manager - User Experience Design & Development

MilliporeSigma (formerly Sigma-Aldrich)

  • Lead and mentor team of UX Researchers, Designers, and Front End Developers on various eBusiness digital initiatives, including B2C and B2B web applications, mobile apps, and internal enterprise tools
  • Drive UX strategy, creative direction; align user feedback & data analytics into decision making activities
  • Hands-on work in product design & architecture, wireframes, hi-fi comps, and prototypes

🙌 Still doing hands-on work.

Lead UX Designer


  • UX/UI Design for public facing ecommerce channel; various B2B projects, future direction.
  • Duties included Wireframes, Low / High Fidelity Designs, User Flow Documents, Prototypes, Usability Testing

Senior UX / UI Designer

Texas Instruments (Product Development & Product Strategy Groups)

  • Set UX direction for TI Educational Technology products; identify emerging opportunities, competitive threats, and visualize product roadmaps
  • Create storyboards, wireframes, and prototypes for future products and services
  • Lead User Interface Designer on various product lines. (Desktop and small screen device software)
  • Gather requirements and develop user stories through a variety of different methods including, site visits and contextual inquiry, task analysis, user interviews, and focus groups.
  • Create conceptual GUI designs which are refined and tested with users via sketches, storyboards, and paper prototyping sessions.
  • Work closely with Product Development Manager, Technical Leads, and Quality Assurance to understand and identify design trade-offs, development, test, and schedule risks. Work closely with pilot sites and customers to ensure product implementation is consistent with user expectations and behavior.
  • Conduct heuristic evaluations on existing products and make recommendations for improvements.

Product Development Manager

Texas Instruments (Product Development Group)

  • Translate high level product and business strategy objectives into product requirements and user stories by interfacing with educators and customers through contextual inquiry, interviews, and focus group testing to identify key market needs.
  • Define and prioritize functional requirements; work closely with Interface Design, Technical Leads, and Quality Assurance during implementation to represent customer and business needs.
  • Collaborate with Marketing, Packaging, Web, and Training departments to plan software release, launch, and product roll-out.
  • Recruit, manage, and support pilot site classrooms using pre-release versions of TI desktop and handheld software. Report product readiness and make release recommendations to the business from a variety of sources including: pilot site surveys, pilot usage forms, site visits, interviews, and QA test results.

UI / Visual Designer

Texas Instruments (Product Development Group)

  • Responsible for overall look and feel of Texas Instruments educational software.
  • Designed and maintained visual and icon language spanning all TI software products.
  • Duties included UI Storyboards, product identity creation, icons, splash and about screens, CD and installer designs, as well as product tutorials and animations.

Web Designer / Developer

FutureNext Consulting

  • Billible hours, man! dot com busted. We made it on FC.

Web Designer / Developer

Global Cloud, Ltd.

  • Mastered using tables for layout and spacer gifs! Oh, and Cold Fusion.

Get in touch: matt@matthewrea.com
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