Work (and play)

Sketching, wireframing, prototyping, testing. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. Here are some examples.

User Experience, Interface, & Visual Design

TI-Nspire Navigator is a wireless classroom network (software+hardware) suite that allows the teacher to communicate with student's graphing handhelds or laptops running TI-Nspire software. Teachers can send, collect, and delete files using the Navigator system, as well as conduct instant polls, assessments, remotely view student screens, and much more. The system was designed to give the teacher the power to engage with any student in the class, quickly gauge student understanding, and facilitate a collaborative learning environment.

  • Content Workspace - management of lesson content, handhelds

  • Content Workspace - search and find web content

  • Content Workspace - preview and send lessons to class

  • Classroom Workspace - roster managment, transfer status

  • Documents Workspace - author and demonstrate

  • Documents Workspace - teach and review concepts

  • Documents Workspace - demonstrate keystrokes with emulator

  • Documents Workspace - create interactive documents and lab reports

  • Review Workspace - view student assessment responses

  • Portfolio Workspace - grade student work

  • Portfolio Workspace - track student progress

  • Class Capture & Live Presenter - view student screens in real time, designate students to present their work to the class

Various sketches, wireframes, and specification documents...

  • Sketching

  • Specifications

  • More Specifications

  • Sketching

  • More Sketching

  • Wireframes

  • More Wireframes

  • Yep.

  • Sketchy Illustrator Wireframes

Identity & Icon Design

Various logos and product icons from past projects

Random Stuff

First ever attempt at anything resembling an illustration / infographic

I'm a big Charley Harper fan, so I did my best to recreate a couple of his works in Adobe Illustrator.